Feng Shui

Diane Hiller with His Holiness the late Grandmaster Lin Yun

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui — its literal translation means wind and water; it is the practical and intuitive art used to bring individuals and their environments into harmony. Feng Shui works with the system of the five elements and the principle of chi that is well known to acupuncture. Chi is the vital energetic force that is present in all beings and things.

How does it work?

Quantum physics has long documented that all things are composed of energy at a fundamental and molecular level. A Feng Shui Master is trained to adjust chi at its most appropriate level. These adjustments may be to oneís own personal chi or to a business or home environment. They may be either direct or transcendental in nature. A true master is trained in an orally passed down tradition from teacher/mentor to student in a one to one and group relationship that lasts over many years and continues throughout life.

Within your home or business exist the presence of 9 baquas or power spots. They are directly related to the following areas of your life:

  • Career
  • Knowledge and Spirituality
  • Family
  • Wealth
  • Reputation
  • Relationship
  • Children, Creativity and the Future
  • Benefactors
  • The Tai Chi (center of yin/yang energy and from which all things arise)


Feng Shui can be used to enhance your business in the following ways:

  • Attract new customers
  • Improve cash flow
  • Remove negative energy
  • Help design enticing business cards and letterhead

Personal Life

  • Attract romance or improve an existing relationship
  • Change or improve your career
  • Improve your health and vitality
  • Increase your finances
  • Help with the sale of a property

Space Clearing and Blessing Rituals

Ideally a Feng Shui consult will assist you with the removal of any negative energy from your home or office. These sacred rituals can be performed as part of or independent of a Feng Shui consultation.

I offer a traditional rice blessing ceremony, clearing space through the use of mantra, sound, smudging as well as sacred drumming. Your own religious preferences or lack of are always taken into consideration.

How do I begin the consultation process?

Begin to think of your home, business or office as comprised of 9 types of energy and as related to the 9 life areas. What would you like to accomplish? Where do you feel energy is stuck, moving too fast, blocked or absent? An initial phone consult can help you to clarify what you may need or want from a consultation.

Consultations can be done at your space or through a floor plan reading. Corrections may involve the use of color or movement of furniture or the purchase of plants, mirrors or other specially suggested objects that can be worked into your own individual budget.

Together letís visualize, intend, empower and create. When you change your chi, you will change your life.


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