I am one of the 58 featured people with whom the author conducted a full interview and considered to be one of the most well-researched Psychics in North America. You can find me on page 72. Click on the image to see more about the book, author, contents, as well as to purchase.

Featured in 2015 Best Psychics, Mediums and Lightworkers in the United States. Click image to purchase.

Contributing author in the best-selling The 365 Days of Angel Prayers book, my poem is on Feb 20th. Click image to purchase.

Author of Chapter 9 on how I use the Energy of Mediumship and Feng Shui for Healing. This book as well as 365 Days of Angel Prayers and The Energy of Receiving are all #1 best-sellers on Amazon.


Author of Chapter 9: A Feng Shui perspective on Giving and Receiving.


Interviewed and featured in the American Psychic and Medium magazine for the January 2015 issue.

National and International Rank of The World's Best Lightworkers 2014-2015 and 2015-2016
Lightworker's World Elite
By Maximillien de Lafayette
Available at Lulu, Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Inducted into World's Lightworkers Hall of Fame on December 11, 2014


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In November of 2012 I was one of 26 Psychic Mediums sharing our experiences and secrets to connecting with the other side in a fabulous World Visionary Summit presented by Spiritual Living. It was an amazing, transformative global event. My free PDF on how to create sacred space and a traditional buddhist altar is still available when you sign up for my email list.