As a gifted medium Diane is able to connect with her own guides, your guides, as well as your departed loved ones on the other side. She is an open conduit for spirit to speak directly to you. As you may know, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums; as both her abilities also include:

  • Clairaudience (to hear)
  • Clairvoyance (to see)
  • Claircognizance (to know)
  • Clairsentience (to feel)

Very often during a reading you will receive powerful affirmations so you know, without a doubt, that your loved ones or spirit is present. Diane's readings are evidential, detailed, and accurate. You will recognize a name, a date, a time frame, or descriptions familiar to you. You will simply know.

Diane’s educational background helps to form a deep understanding and compassion for your issues and her psychic abilities to predict the outcome. Pursuing her passions in life she has always been led to the helping professions. She respects all spiritual traditions in recognition and belief that all are one path.

The purpose of any reading is to offer you information, guidance, assistance and at times a sense of peace, resolution and closure. Additionally, readings are to help you at critical times with decisions that you may need to make, or to anticipate the outcome of your decisions.

A meditation before each reading asks that that the guidance heard and received is for your highest good and happiness. Readings are done in sacred space. Services such as spell casting or curse removal are not offered, nor are they a part of Diane’s values or belief system.

Seeking the truth of any matter, her demeanor is very straightforward but also with an awareness and understanding that, at times, the information received may not be what you want to hear, or seem not to make sense. Take notes, try to be patient and open. Clients often say that some messages suddenly became clear in an “ah-ha” moment at a later time.

What do I need to do to prepare for a reading?

It is best to wait 3-6 months after your loved one has crossed. Six months if the death was accidental, sudden, or tragic.

In person

Please arrive comfortably dressed and prepared to take notes. I do not allow my sessions to be recorded. Be in a relatively calm state of mind. If you are in a state of extreme anger, or grief a reading may not be possible or advisable. When reading Diane begins with her eyes closed as it keeps her in a place where she feels more connected to spirit. After a strong connection has been made she will make more eye contact.

You should be the one asking the questions. Have a list. While a check-in may occur with you from time to time to assure the reading is on track, this is your session to get the answers and solutions that you are seeking. Who you ask for may not always show up, but you will get the information that you need. For very sensitive information, Diane may go into a light trance and begin to speak very quickly, if this happens, she is literally hearing the information at the same time you are and if she is not to know, may not recall the information.

Over the phone

Half hour and hour-long sessions are available. Phone readings are best done on a land line. Cell phones can be problematic. You will need to be in a place where there are no other people, no one walking through, by, or in and out. Please be undisturbed for the entire time of the reading. This will result in the best reading experience.


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