Cathleen O'Connor, PhD

co-founder SpiritualLiving.com

I met Diane when I was researching talented psychic mediums for our first global telesummit called the Visionary Summit: 26 Psychic Mediums Share their Secrets for Connecting with the Other Side. Part of my research was to have a reading with the potential candidate for the project. I had my reading with Diane and she was simply amazing. Not only did she get the dates for the live Summit launch but she accurately read the man in my life’s work situation, including his profession, current employment status and opportunities for change. She was completely correct also as to when he would get some work going again. She also saw me writing an e-book and I was in the midst of writing the e-book for the Summit so she was really able to pick up exactly what I was doing at the time. Best of all, Diane is just lovely to speak with. Her voice is calming and compassionate and she accurately reads past, present and future with lots of specifics. It was a real gift to experience her in a reading and to have her be one of our 26 featured psychic mediums in the summit.

Trista Genova

I would highly recommend Diane to anyone looking for an amazing reading by an amazing, down to earth, talented person. Diane is the real deal, no doubt about that. She is also very caring and makes you feel comfortable and safe. I will definitely go back to Diane when the time is right. If you are thinking about getting a reading, book with Diane-you will be happy you did!

Jessica Opalenik

I contacted Diane Hiller about her medical intuitive gifts. I needed help finding direction since my doctors were stumped. Not only did she give me that but she was also extremely knowledgeable with medical conditions providing further direction. She's an extremely kind, caring and wonderful woman. I'm so glad the universe brought me to her. I highly recommend Diane Hiller if you too need help with medical answers.

Adja Washington

Diane was amazing. I really enjoyed getting a reading from her.

Erica Gallo

I had a reading with Diane and was blown away to say the least. I had a lot of medical questions and issues and was directed to certain tests and guess what, my doctor found something and we are now taking care of it. I said minimal and everything she said was accurate and true, I can't wait to have another reading! I am no longer scared and just have peace. What a loving soul you can feel, can't make that up......

Susan Schoonover

Diane is amazing! She doesn't waste your time and she is extremely accurate. Diane is very compassionate and understanding to your situation. She is able to give you guidance and the direction you are looking for. I highly recommend Diane.

Lisa Hammersley

I am so impressed with Diane's ability to addresses my current life circumstances with such accuracy and provided me with the guidance, direction and confirmation that I was in need of to have peace of mind. I followed my instinct to contact her and she was so warm and genuine, I felt like I have known her for years. I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure to work with Diane. I am so grateful for her.

Rena Tobey

Diane listened well, effectively engaged me in conversation, and provided solutions that were practical. I left the session encouraged and uplifted.

Daiana Morales

I haven't been this enthuasistic about giving a review ever. I must say Diane is truly blessed and highly gifted. I had an in-person meeting with her and by far it is one of the best experiences I've had in a very long time. She knew within 2 minutes into my reading why i was there without me even telling her anything but my name and things that not even my family knows of me. I am so thankful she was able to provide me with closure, guidance, and most importantly peace. I can't wait to meet again.

Sherri Ruffini

Diane is amazing. Truly gifted and very kind soul. My reading was in person and very accurate to my past and current life, the future I guess time will validate. I highly recommend Diane, if you have any doubts....don't she is worth it.


Diane was AMAZING. Before I could ask any questions, she began pointing things out that has been weighing heavily on my mind. Everything she said was SPECIFIC and SPOT ON. What I love about her is that even when she tells me things that are negative, she says it in a way where it's not discouraging. She has an AMAZING gift. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to speak with her.

Maryann Ess

Diane is a fantastic reader! I miraculously found her last Nov and she correctly predicted that my love interest (who was MIA 2-3 months by then) wouldn't resurface until Mar. Well guess what happened?! And she also spoke of his substance abuse that she had no way of knowing unless she was truly gifted. She also correctly predicted me finding two jobs very close to one another and having to make a decision. She is truly clairvoyant, empathic, kind and generous. I am truly thankful!

Melissa Bond

My experience with Diane was so helpful. She definitely has a strong gift. I will be using her again!

Teresa Syc

Diane's reading was almost uncanny. She mentioned things that not even members of my family knew. Very much put my mind at ease with regard to the family members that had passed. There were funny moments as well as poignant ones and one thing that had been worrying me for the last year or so was brought to fruition; which made me greatly relieved. I would highly recommend her!

Trisha Ellis

I've been seeking Diane Hiller's spiritual advice for a couple of years. I typically talk to her twice a month to keep grounded and sometimes I just need that extra boost of insight and happiness. Diane has always been a light in my life helping me make the best decisions for my highest good. I have referred her to my friends and family who love her and I recommend her to anyone that needs some love, help and spiritual guidance.

Misty May

A reading with Diane is so much more than just a reading. She is a wonderful intuitive and spiritual guide. She is quick to connect and amazes me at how she can answer your questions in depth before you ask. I will continue to contact her when I need guidance and answers. Thank you Diane, you are truly gifted and compassionate and accurate.

Jessica Ryan

Diane is amazing! She is very straight forward and is no nonsense. Ive read with her a couple of times and she has been on the spot everytime. Diane is a great teacher, psychic, listener and will always tell you the whole truth of what she feels. Shes sensitive to your needs but wont just tell you what you want to hear, which I find admirable. Thank you Diane for always listening and giving me guidance.

Dee Lopez

Hi Diane, I just wanted to say thank for your advice and guidance concerning my employments issues. I thought i could go it alone but because of your guidance, i was able to find an attorney to help me with my employment matters. By the way, that very same attorney is handle several cases for the same employer.

Kisha Richardson

I requested an emergency reading with Diane 3 weeks ago. She was very responsive and accommodating. Before I asked any questions she knew exactly why I was calling and picked up on the situation immediately with accurate details. She did not tell me what I wanted to hear and was very honest. 1 of her predictions about me having a thyroid issue was validated 3 days ago! WOW I don't leave reviews but I truly believe she has a real connection with Spirit! PLEASE CALL SHE IS VERY REAL!!!

Hope Carroll

I was so bogged down w/stress of my immediate future. Diane gave me so much helpful information, what to do what not to do. She even advised me how to take better care of myself. Within days things started happening, for the better! Yay! I trust her & I felt very comfortable telling her my business. She is a blessing to us all how she uses her gift to help people. I would recommend to anyone to do a reading w/Diane.

Debbie Machnik

This was my first experience with a telephone reading and I was slightly skeptical. Diane immediately and accurately picked up on what was going on around me, and the reason for my call. I was struck by her sense of my situation and her warmth.Although I was upset at the time of our call, I was amazingly calm afterward. I highly recommend her!!

Marie McMahon-Conrad

Each and every day grants us a guarantee. The sun will rise and it will set. We will live as God intended, fulfill our roles and be our best selves. During times of trial, sadness, and uncertainty, one cannot help but question their purpose. I was led to Diane when I had reached a fork in the road of a long journey. She was warm, compassionate and insightful. She is a natural care giver who has been blessed with an incredible gift. She helped me to connect with love ones past and myself.

Dalila Fer

Wow. Literally speechless about Diane! I swear the most sweetest person I have ever spoken to. More so the most amazing psychic I have ever experienced in my life. I can't even begin to tell you the depth Diane dives into with her readings. She told me something that didn't even happen yet and boom she knew the source of the actual problem! I was speechless that I had to call back and tell her. She told me I'm going to meet someone with an M initial or bday in May - it happened a day later, love her.

Olivia Perrelli

Had my second reading with Diane and she just amazes me. Was able to tell me things that nobody would know. Also, she was spot on with 3 predictions already. Not only is she a highly gifted psychic and medium, she is a wonderful person and lovely to talk with. She has an energy about her that is calming, healing, and warm. Diane has really helped me through a difficult situation in my life with her incredibly accurate insight and predictions. She is a blessing. Look forward to seeing you again!.

Vincent Pia

Five of my family members and I just had a Mediumship Session with Diane. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it was! The information she gave was incredibly accurate, and there was no doubt that she truly was in contact with our loved ones. She gave details and information that there was absolutely no way for her to have found out beforehand. Most importantly, she was extremely nice, and truly a pleasure to spend the afternoon with! I definitely plan to book with her again!

Reta Lyiat

I had a reading with Diane today, and she tapped into my circumstances very readily. She NAILED it. She is extremely straight on point, no sugar coating and her accuracy was amazing. The volume of her gifted insights and direction had exceeded all my expectations. She is in my opinion the "Very Best." Thank you Diane, looking forward to connecting with you again.

Paul Edwards

My reading with Diane was great. She provided me with specifics about a certain situation without any prior knowledge of the particular person. Really amazing. I look forward to my next reading with her, and highly recommend her to those looking for guidance and answers. In my line of work, I've worked with a number of psychics over the years... some good, some bad. Diane is the real deal.

Maryann Aborqui

I have read with Diane only two times. I have read with famous psychics in the past and am blown away by how much better she is at tuning into the situations that are currently going on in my life. In addition, she is a fraction of the cost. She predicted that I would get into a very competitive program. I had my doubts because I was 1 of 2000 other applicants. In addition, she also predicted that I would be moving across water. At the time I didn't know how that could be possible. However, I had a change in plans and ending up moving as she had stated. These are just a few examples that I can recall out of the many predictions she had made. She was so quick and spot on with her reading that I just couldn't keep track. I can't wait to read with her again!

Julia Alexandra

Best reading I ever had! I have had several readings, most were good, some so-so, Diane is in a league of her own. On target, insightful, pleasant. I was not sure if I was on the right track, her affirmations confirmed that I was. Looking forward to future readings with her. I finally found the right Insightful reader for me!!

Kay Reilly

I had a great reading with Diane (only) two days ago, so it's probably too soon to write a review. Many of her predictions involve the future. But she was right on about a tooth I had extracted recently --thought the socket hadn't fully healed. The day after our reading, I had an appointment with the dentist for an impression for the new partial, but he felt I should wait another three weeks before we went ahead. Also, there was no doubt in my mind she made contact with my deceased mother.:-)

Robin Lee

Diane gave me two insightful readings that were both extraordinarily accurate (she had specific names of people, on both occasions) and to the point. There was some healing that I needed to work through & her readings are making it happen. I can't recommend Diane enough, and the fact that she is also a therapist makes working with her that much better! Life is a wild ride, and opening up about personal matters to less skillful and compassionate mediums can be a risk. Diane Hiller is the best.

Michie Morgan

Diane Hiller is a fantastically gifted psychic medium. She has read for me several times and has always been amazingly accurate, detailed, positive, and empowering. I would highly recommend her.

Bob Parent

As I was questioning change in both my personal & professional path Diane answered my questions before I asked them... while guiding me in a positive way. I am thankful to have met her and look forward to our next visit.

Summer Beck

Diane Hiller was amazing!! She helped me through some issues I was having and I am very grateful for her and her reading.

Alli Dimuzio

Diane quickly provided accurate answers to very difficult matters in a sensitive and compassionate manner. She makes you feel at ease during the reading. She offers solutions of various natures. She follows up after the readings. I highly recommend seeing this very gifted person.

Anita Brean

Diane has been caring and proven spirits do exist. I appreciate all she has told me and want to know more which I will do in the future. Thank you.

Melinda Garmon

Awesome! Love this lady. Will continue to speak to her.

Jean Crawford

I was delighted with my reading with Diane Hiller. She gave me guidance I was looking for in several areas of my life. After our session together, I am confident that I am on the right path. She is the real thing and I would recommend her to my friends.

Grace Lawrence

Diane's reading was absolutely wonderful. From the moment I entered her office, her inviting and calm demeanor made me feel right at home and her reading was spot on and very informative. She gave me a lot of insight into my life and I left feeling centered thanks to her energy. I highly recommend Diane!

Kassia Frihet

In my profession I advice clients on major life decisions, and it is not easy for me to find a person who can assist me on my path. Diane was amazing; she was able to illuminate and help fully with a reccuring and challenging relationship dynamic, she assisted me to walk forward on my path in much deeper confidence, gave much needed guidance for my business, and also pointed out a health issue I suspected already. Diane's approach feels safe and spot on in all ways. I will keep seeing her.

Christine Savino

Diane offered detailed and accurate insight into my past, present, and future. Even over land line Diane could read my aura and pinpoint key dates in my life that only I knew about. She also suggested courses of action to take to improve myself which has been very helpful. I would definitely recommend her.


I was feeling so sad, empty and hopeless with the sudden dead of my husband, that nothing mattered anymore. I decided to see Diane, not only my husband came through, but also I received the most incredible messages, these messages had a great significance to me. Now when I feel in despair, I just remember these messages, and that gives me the courage and the strength to go on. Thank You! Diane.

Marlene Babicz

I have had readings with others over the years but just had my first with Diane Hiller. I was AMAZED with the number of details she knew about my current situation as soon as the reading began. She immediately saw a change of location, and I just moved. She described my new place perfectly. She knew I was trying to make a decision about two options where work is concerned, and gave me great information so I am now certain about how I'll proceed. This wasn’t just generic information, it was quite specific and will help me attain my goals as I move forward. In addition, two of my loved ones came through, and provided details that validated who they were. One of them told her about an event I haven’t thought of in years. I have no doubt she was making a connection with someone I was thrilled to hear from. Diane is the real deal and I'll call her in the future. I HIGHLY recommend her!!!


I went to Diane in November with two other family members. We each had our own reading and we were stunned by the accuracy of our readings. Diane was right on the mark. She is also very pleasant and kind hearted. It was a pleasure to be read by her.

Linda Price

I met Diane yesterday and I took thé 45 mn session. I am very happy I had the chance to speak with her. She is a amazing and a really wonderful person who was able to allow me to communicate with my loved ones who had passed away a long time ago. Which I did not really believe it would be possible. Diane told me things only I could know and was very accurate with some other things and details. I will definitively contact her again in the future. Thank you Diane for opening a new world to me and allowing me to be in contact with my loved ones... I came out appeased and happy to know my future would be better than I thought. Thank you again, your session meant the world to me.

Karen Barnsley

I was blown away from my reading today! I was asked to breathe deeply and then it started, so accurate! No need for names or dates of birth and I didn\'t give any hints to why I had requested a reading! Diane just knew, she picked up on relationship and healthcare issues and was so spot on with everything. She explained the issues surrounding my relationship and also health issues regarding my children. I will feedback again in Dec/Jan when predictions come to pass. Thank you so much Diane, really appreciate your time.

Anita Brean

This was my first visit to a Medium, so I was a little scared. It turned out to be a very special time and I felt like a one hundred pound weight was lifted off my shoulders. Diane, you were wonderful and I hope to return again soon as I now have many questions. Thank you.

Donna Grandy

Diane is a wonderful and truly gifted woman. My experience with her was Amazing she was right on with everything that came through. I will definitely go see her again. Truly Amazing Woman.

Mere Jane

Diane is mindblowingly good. SHE is steadfast in her accuracy and can see tiny details. I trust this woman with my life. She has never steered me wrong and has never been wrong in her readings. Even the unbelievable details have come to pass. SHE is a TRULY gifted see-er.

Wendy Yu

Diane is wonderful, I have never been to a reading before and this is my first experience, with my confusion of life choices I met Diane, amazing she got all my current situation right and cleared up all my confusion, she answered my questions along with her love and empathy, she is not only very professional, but also a great friend to meet, the one hour driving trip is so much worthy, you won't understand it until you talk to her, she is absolutely wonderful and amazing. Thanks so much, Diane!

Elaine Kokoska

Diane Hiller is the most accurate, compassionate, tuned-in psychic I've met to date. She imparts future events to you with love and care, never scaring you with dire portents of things to come. In my own personal experience she related to me that my husband, who has Alzheimer's, would be in a nursing/Assisted Living environment within a year or less---it happened within that time and quite suddenly, too. She also predicted that I would sell my husband's truck by the end of August, beginning of September for a certain amount of money and she was right on the dollar with that outcome, too! I cannot speak more highly of Diane's gifts than to tell you that you must consult her about any issue in your life or future without reservations. She is highly skilled and gifted in this field and her wanting to share her gifts with you is admirable!


First off Diane responded to me very quickly and was very willing to help me. She knew exactly what I was talking about with out names or birth dates. She gave me time frames and actions to take. I like Diane because she is very clear and quick. I'm excited to see the outcome.

Mohan A

I have recently had an opportunity to get an online/distance reading from Diane. Such an amazing accuracy/insight she offers! I am really grateful for all the spiritual guidance and Feng Shui consultation as well. She is one of the best i have worked with and I'd highly recommend Diane for a reading!

Kay Reeb

I was truly impressed by the information I received from Diane Hiller. She was highly accurate, efficient and professional. I have already recommended her to others and plan to contact her again in the near future.

Val Florida

I want to express my sincere appreciation to you.You validated & expounded on several situations I have been going through & provided valuable insight on how to approach them moving forward. I have greater confidence in my strength to continue to stand in truth and integrity. I am so grateful that you were able to also validate messages from my mother. I will release the toxic relationships and reclaim my power so that I can follow the divine path that is intended for me. Many Thanks Blessings

Jenny Marie

This was my first reading with Diane and I was completely amazed. She makes you feel welcome, puts you at ease and then begins to connect and tell you things she would never know unless she was indeed a real psychic. I found my session to be very informative and surprisingly emotional. I would highly recommend her.

Karen Williams

Diane was great. She told me things that were awesome. I do believe God led me to her as her words were a gift to me. I heard from my dad who died almost 30 years ago. (I was young when he died) It was a blessing to hear from him. It gave me a good feeling knowing both he and my mom are in heaven watching over me and that they are together. Everything she told me has helped me in my life and it's things I needed to hear. Thank you Diane. You were very, very helpful.

Linda Marie

Diane was awesome! I didn't have to give her any info. The very first thing she saw about a certain person in my life was dead on! And so was everything else about other people in my life at work and personal. Her forecast for my future career, home and love life gave me faith, hope and security. I went home feeling happy and excited about the path that The Universe has in store for me...and with time lines closer to happening than I could ever have hoped for! Thank you, Diane!! :)

Susan Bugg

I had an phone reading with Diane last week. WOW is all I can say! Diane has a beautiful spirit and made me feel at "HOME". Within the first few Minutes Diane was able to bring through my best friend they passed away a year and a half ago. Diane was able to provide names of loved ones. Talking to Diane offered me much peace into my life and heart. There was no guessing involved. Diane provided names and knew of situations that are going on in my life that no one else could know. It offered much guidance and proof that Loved ones remain with us and help guide us along the way on our path. I highly recommend booking a session with Diane. Thank you Diaane for your beautiful gift to this world and to mankind.


You were so accurate in my reading, thank you very much. Even down to Brian's name, but he's married. Yes, he is connected to music, he was in boy band back in the day and still is. You picked up on my past life down to a tee. I had a lot of depression in that life time due to who I was who and what I was dealing with. Thanks again for the reading, now I have better direction in my life due to having this reading. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Trisha Ellis

I was very impressed with my reading. Diane linked me to a lawsuit that there was no way she would know about. She was also very accurate in describing my son's personality and his future career in web design and creating video games. Most importantly she gave me insight on why I wasn't getting a job and what direction I needed to move towards and how to ask for what I want instead of focusing on how I was being blocked. Diane is a blessing to anyone who crosses her path. God bless you Diane.

Maria Carla

I went to see Diane this weekend and was immediately struck by her ability to tap into my exact reasons for visiting. Within minutes she was able to identify events and people that she could never had known unless truly gifted. She immediately made me feel safe and comfortable and provided me with peace I was looking for about my future. Thank you!

Veronika Vonderbank

I came to see Diane...very very sad. In one hour she was able to give me insight and the answers I sought. In that hour I felt like I had spoken to my loved one that I lost too soon. Thank you Diane for helping me in my hour of need. Diane is amazing I will be seeing her again soon.

Kasey Fitch

I went to Diane yesterday looking for confirmation on certain things going on in my life to see if I am on the right path and if who I thought is meant for me was correct. She described him to a T!! She knows what she's doing!! She connected with past relatives and she could not have known what she told me!! Will definitely go back again!! :)

Alexandra Smith

Diane is absolutely wonderful. She is personable, sensitive, respectful, caring, and very sweet. She was immediately aware of what was going on with me, and was able to give me a perspective on what I was dealing with different from the angle I was approaching things from. She was straightforward while being gentle with difficult issues, which I felt was the best aspect of her approach. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for some insight.

DMaria Hyn

I have had the pleasure of two readings with Diane. She is supportive and amazing. The first time she read for me she predicted a settlement for a legal suit to come in two parts and that was dead on accurate because it did. She is a wonderful caring soul that I trust and look forward to reading with again in the future.

Liza Jackson

Diane thank you for the wonderful reading you are the real deal .I can't thank you enough for all of your help and support. I would recommend you in a heart beat to any who wants to consult with a real caring psychic.


Diane, you are on the money ALL THE TIME- you are truly a gift- and thank you for sharing it with me! Diane is truly the best !! give her a call

Jo Anne Price

Diane is spot on with her readings. She is very authentic kind and compassionate. Talking to Diane is like I've known her for years. She provides practical advise and I take her recommendations seriously. I would highly recommend Diane and will continue to use her services in the future. I never feel hurried or rush. Diane is a very gifted individual.

Elizabeth Martin

I had my first reading wtih Diane earlier this week. She is very warm and down to earth and was spot on from the start, identifying the major events going on in my life. The reading was excellent and provided valuable insight into some important decisions that I have been pondering. She is a skilled medium as well. The information related was accurate and provided much peace to me. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her.

Lynn Fetterley

I had never seen a psychic or medium before so I had no idea what to expect. Diane knew immediately why I came to see her and she put my mind at ease. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. My husband came with me and she could sense right away that he was mentally blocking her because he wanted her to focus on me. He loosened up and she was able to connect with some of his passed family members which I think will lead to some much needed healing in his family. It was a great experience.

Gabriella Szathmary

Dear Diane,thank you so much for the reading Sunday night.IT WAS SUPERB!YOU ARE TRULY GIFTED!You put mind at ease, make me understand things better,clarified things for me, you are warm ,kind and genuine and caring person, thank you for your recommendation, and advice. Will follow up with you.Thank you so much ,you are truly amazing.

Becky Ann

I meet with Diane yesterday for guidance from my family who have passed and she contacted someone I had hoped to hear from but never thought I would. She was very kind and accurate. I plan on keeping in touch with her to continue the guidance while I make big decisions on my life this coming year and have recommended her to friends who I know will benefit from her gift.


I find myself turning to Diane more and more- she is so in tune and so accurate, during a reading for my daughter she asked her to get her thyroid checked, at a recent checkup the doctor wanted to run test because he felt her thyroid was a bit swollen, I couldn't believe she had just mentioned this to my daughter a month earlier, Diane did say though that she would be just fine- and when the test results came back, well guess what- she was just fine !!! you are the real deal Diane !!! xoxoxox


First time reading with Diane, it was very intriguing and informative, will definitely take Diane's advice and wait to see what else comes to fruition will definitely be calling Diane back soon. Thank you Love and Light

Kim Joy

Diane is consistent and kind. Diane always remembers things from our last call. I found Diane through this site and then after our call realized she is nearby me. I have met with Diane in person and on the phone from as far away as China. Diane always picks up on the energy around me, truly amazing. My mouth is open the whole time in shock at the things she knows but yet she shouldn't know!! Stay loyal to Diane!!

Alison Kickel

I was in a really bad place this past summer and decided I needed some help and guidance. I was fortunate enough to find Diane's website and decided to call. It was when I called that my life began to come into perspective. She helped me find the clarity I needed and guided me in the right direction. Diane is honest and compassionate. I highly recommend her services. She is a wonderful person and extremely gifted.

Robin Burgess

I had a pschic-mediumship reading with Diane. She was very much in track with the things that I akready knew to be true. That gives me great confidence that the chances of the future possibilities she talked about will happen. She is extremly warm. I left her with a very good feeling.

Pat Pyue

It was a wonderful experience with Diane. She was spot on with a lot of things happening in my life. Very caring lady, and i will be contacting her again in the future. I Highly recommand Diane to anyone who is seeking real answers and guidance. thank you very much Diane!

Katherine Glass

I just had a FABULOUS reading with Diane. I was so impressed! I am a professional psychic and medium myself but sometimes we need an objective read for our own lives! Diane was clear,unwavering and non stop in her flow of information. I personally loved her fast flow reading style. She gave percentages of the level of outcome for situations that I found to be very clear and helpful. Her reading was honest, and delightfully refreshing. I feel calm and happy. Thank you Diane! I will recommend you!

Nancy Joanne

Diane Hiller is an amazing psychic. I had the opportunity to speak with her twice and with each reading Diane provided specific information about me that she could have no way of knowing. Diane's ability to provide details on my career, anxiety and husband left me speechless and in tears. If you are looking for guidance and peace of mind, I highly suggest Diane - you'll get the answers you are looking for.....

Annette Marie

Diane's reading was very informative and quite interesting. She was right on the money with several things that she said. I will call on her again for additional readings. Thanks so much Diane.

Barbara Salvatore

Diane is by far the best at what she does. She is the whole package! Not only is she a fantastic psychic, but she can connect with those who have passed and shares her knowledge and intuitive process with you. You never feel hurried or rushed. Her gifts are remarkable. No wonder she was recently named one of the top 100 psychics in the country!

Dee Randis

Astrological Consultant,Clairvoyant at Metaphysical Center

I requested Diane's expertise as a Feng Shui Master when I needed her advise in correct placement for interior decorating ideas that would bring in more people to my business as well as keeping negativity away. Diane was very detailed and organized in her work and used her abilities as a psychic to enhance her recommendations. I highly recommend her services.

Barry Gordon

Partner, instructor, BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program

Diane continually blows my mind with the accuracy of her knowledge about people and events I ask her about that she could not possibly know about. In the years I have know her as one of my students and then as one of her clients she has grown tremendously in skill and practice. I highly recommend her.

Sandra Caucci

Director of Contracting at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Diane is a personable, empathetic, professional new age advisor who provides great results and true intuitive insight. She is a great resource for guidance and direction and is committed to excellence. She is a true gem!

Kim Monahan

LMFT, Behavioral Health Coordinator at Center for Youth and Families

Diane is kind and thoughtful. She has a good balance of head and heart. In my work with children and adolescents she was skillful in identifying needs and making a concrete plan in which to intervene and holding parties accountable to the plan. She is direct yet respectful. If you are lucky enough to have Diane come your way you can expect compassion and connection with an appropriate nudge as needed.

Helene Toole

Diane is a true professional. She immediately hit on issues and questions I had before I stated them. She also provided practical advice on how to address certain issues we discussed, drawing from her own knowledge or offering resources that would help. Our session was intense, no minute wasted. I highly recommend Diane and would contact her again myself.

Jill Jackson

I have utilized Diane for both psychic guidance and Feng Shui adjustments. I highly recommend Diane in both areas. With my psychic reading, Diane was able to tap into the situation and provide such clarity and was spot on regarding the past energy of the situation. After my Feng Shui consultation, I implemented the adjustments Diane recommended. Within a few weeks my business had earned the highest grossing week to date! The energy shift in my home was amazing! Thank you Diane!

Maria Scardigno

A friend of mine- who happens to be a psychic spoke very very highly of Diane and asked me to give her a try- Well, he was absolutely 100% about her- She picked up what is going on in my life- she was SPOT ON- she is a true psychic-and so very gifted- Diane thank you again for taking the time to read for me- warmest regards

Frederic Schroeder

Diane helped both me and my girlfriend as we looked for wisdom and guidance while embarking on the next phase of our lives. She pointed out several things that rang completely true for both of us, and gave us a great blueprint for how to proceed next. This involved planning for a major move, job changes, as well as medical issues. Diane's seeing into our situation was specific, accurate and very helpful. I would not hesitate to seek her help if you need assistance with an important decision.

Missy Chambers

Diane is a REAL psychic medium. Before I said a name or asked a question she was able to tell me what I was asking about. I am blessed to be able to talk to her today. She told me the truth, not what I wanted to hear. She clearly is in tune with spirit. Thank you so much Diane for giving me the clarity that I needed

MaryJane Frank

Diane is THE ONLY one who saw that my BF had seriously & gravely LIED to me about something so disturbing. I couldn't even believe it, it was so awful. I did in fact confirm it later that evening, through my own investigation. She was unfortunately correct. It was a painful revelation, but I feel she rescued me from someone very sick. I'll be eternally grateful for this extraordinarily honest & gifted Psychic. She is the REAL DEAL & has so much integrity. Loving and kind in her delivery.

Trisha Mahi

Diane Hiller is the real deal. She (and my dad via Diane) mentioned a squeak in my left front tire. YEP, as I drove away from the parking lot with the window down I could hear it. As the kids would say, "you totally rock". I have been around psychics all of my life and she is impressive in a world where many are just cold readers who look for too many hints from clients. Diane picked up things that did not come from me at all!. When she knew the initial of my doctor I plotzed! Great lady!

Angelie Everett

The readings I've had with Diane are the best I've ever had and I highly recommend her. She is authentic, compassionate and very accurate. Diane is more than a truly gifted psychic medium. She is a healer and an angel. I am thankful that I found her and I thank her for her wisdom and spiritual guidance. Thank you Diane for sharing your gift with all of us.

Patricia Dawson

It was a wonderful experience and we plan on another visit very soon. Although my visit was the least positive,I followed Diane's advice and cleansed my house of the negativity and it has made a very positive impact on my life. I also informed my nieces and nephew of what we experienced and they also feel much better about things we experienced. We all loved our readings and are very anxious to get back. Next time we want to do an hour session. Thanks, Diane.

Deborah Schwartz

Diane is a master healer with a wonderful spirit of compassion and awareness. She employs energy work as well as psychic intuition to promote the healing process.


I was in the midst of one of the most tumultuous years of my life and after searching online I discovered Diane. Not only was she located the town over from me, but I read that she was awarded the 26th best Psychic/Medium in the WORLD. That convinced me to book a session with her. Diane sensed my personal battles right away, and received information from a spirit guide and relatives who passed over that has helped me get my life back on track. I look forward to seeing her again in the future.

Danielle Cheryl

I had met Diane in March; and I was in a crossroads within my life, looking for some answers. Diane had offered insight on troubles in my life in which depression was lurking in and out of my life. Diane was honest,insightful, offered advice and was accurate with the reading. I have a better direction in my life, a positive foundation and would recommend Diane!

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