The services of Feng Shui and mediumship readings or consultations by Diane are based on analysis of energy fields and connections that are spiritual in nature and are to be used for informational and entertainment purposes only. You must be over age 21 to use or book and purchase these services. As such, they are not a substitute for any advice or guidance that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor. Diane is not a licensed medical practitioner, does not diagnose medical conditions, does not perform medical treatment, does not prescribe, and does not interfere with the treatment of a client by a licensed medical professional. Client’s bear the responsibility for any decisions they make based on the information provided by Diane and she will not be liable to anyone for any loss or injury resulting from the direct or indirect use of such information, and shall not be liable for any decisions made or action taken by you or others in reliance upon such information. No Guarantees are implied or stated.

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